Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tika & DNA (and free book!)

It seems these days that all the buzz in the genealogy world has to do with DNA research..... how to test and how to interpret and use the tests. There are endless articles, webinars, blogs, and books all being made available to help teach us how to use this new tool in our geneaology toolbox.

In the May-June 2015 issue of FamilyTree Magazine, there was an offer that was too good to ignore. On page 3, there was an ad for a "FREE DOWNLOAD" of a booklet of past articles from FT Magazine. Jump Into Genetic Genealogy; Use Genealogical DNA Testing to Solve Family Mysteries is the title of this compilation and it's made available from FamilyTree University.

To download your free copy, your free e-book, copy and paste this impossible link:  

I printed out my copy (shame on me, I know) and with my eveing tea will study it thoroughly.

Tika is excited too.  "Aren't there DNA studies for dogs"  I did some online research and of course there are DNA tests for dogs............ this particular one is available from Walmart for $69.00!

Tika is a clear-cut case of she looks like a dachshund, she digs holes like a dachshund and she gives kisses like a miniature dachshund, so I'm going to assume that she is a dachshund.  No DNA test for Tika, sorry.

Have you DNA tested your dog?  Would love to hear about it, if so!

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