Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tika Learns About Differences

A fellow member taught us in a meeting a valuable lesson. No, Tika was not there in the public library, but I told her all about it.

His grandparents had lived in Texline, Dallam County, Texas. So he went searching and found a 19-page pamphlet published in 1906 about this bitty place. Bingo!

The lesson is where he found the booklet. Here's where he looked:

Ancestry.com  --  nope
Amazon.com  --  yes, for sale for $25
AbeBooks.com  --  yes, for sale for $30
Google Books  --  referred him to other book selling websites
FamilySearch.org  --  Bingo!

The lesson that Doug taught us that day is this:  Do not look just in one place to seek out information that you hope or know or even suspect might be out there. Keep looking.... there are a good dozen of places to search.

Tika was on my lap when I was searching out images of Texline.  "Nope. Not for me," she sniffed. "I'm from Idaho where there are TREES!"

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