Friday, April 17, 2015

Tika & Foreign Potty Stops

Having been blessed to travel to many parts of the world, I'll have to say that the Chinese and Taiwanese have the most interesting pottys. I was holding Tika on my lap as we looked at this pictures and her only comment was "How about #2 in the squatty??"  I had no answer for her.

Taiwanese according to Google translate?

Using this "squatty potty" is way harder than you might think, especially
for older Caucasian ladies whose knees don't bend that low easily.  

Seat covers, and sometimes TP, you had to fetch before
you entered the stall. 

In the 7-11s, TP was sold (for homes) like this. 

At least in most bigger tourist places, you had a choice!

The hotels had these fancy pottys with warmed seats
and two sprays of cleaning water jets......... to much, eh!

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