Monday, January 13, 2014

Tika &

Tika asked me the other day, "Does everybody know about"  (I've told you before what a smart little dogger she is.) "Most genealogists do," I assured her. "Let's tell them what we've learned about doing research on Ancestry," she eagerly told me. "Great idea!" I replied.

The first thing I might share with you about doing research on is that as you look at the hints (the waving leaves) for a person, and then evaluate the information and perhaps add that person to your tree, more hints come!

The next thing I recommend is to go through all the "wavy leaf" hints and take the time to study what you will or will not add to your tree. Don't swallow them all "hook, line and sinker." 

The last thing I realized is that found references that I had not yet thought to look for.... or that new information brought to light. 

Paying attention to detail, research on can be a delightful "finding" experience.

"Oh, by the way," Tika spoke up. "Don't leave me out in the snow too long!!"

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