Monday, January 6, 2014

Tika & Birds

Tika is ever on guard against birds. She watched The Birds movie with me once and has had a personal vendetta against birds ever since. She sits with us in the living room watching out the window for whatever might be flying by or flying around. And when a big Southwest or Delta "bird" comes by in a landing pattern, she launches immediately into a barking rage. Good dog, Tika. :-)

Ever thought about what birds might have been in your ancestor's yard? For instance, my Michigan and Illinois ancestors enjoyed Bluejays and Cardinals whereas we here in Washington state have neither. But we have Magpies and they don't! Neither of us have Road Runners that live in the southwest.

Read a neat story in Readers Digest once about when they cleaned out great-grandma's house somewhere in the flat plains of the midwest, they found a very dried-up little bird carefully wrapped in tissue. Of course they marveled but some reading of Great-Grandma's letters (lucky folks) showed that moving to the midwestern prairies was hard on Grandma and the thing she missed terribly were the songbirds. So somewhere along the line she got one to keep in a cage and when it died, could not bear to bury it.

Birds in our environment are powerful to us in many ways. Always has been so and always will be. And Tika is always on the lookout for them!

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