Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tika & Christmas Letters

When Tika gets snapped onto her rope out in the yard, it's a snowy yard at this time of year. But snow or not, doggers must go outside even for short bursts. Few days ago when I let her back in, Tika came bounding to me with snowy paws and a cold nose and announced that she had something important for her blog this week. I was all ears.

"You know those sometimes-boring Christmas letters that family members often send to one another?? Well, aren't they a chronicle of what's happened over the past year to that family?" Tika asked with her big brown eyes.  I had to agree; those boastings and postings that make up the family Christmas letter are indeed a family history record for the year.

"They should be kept as a family history source document," Tika said with emphasis. And I couldn't agree more. I did not send out a family epistle this year but I did receive several.............. I shall think twice about what I really should be doing with them.

What about you?? What do you do with those family Christmas newsletters???


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  2. Just read a blog yesterday where suggestions were made about the family Christmas letter. They were good; the one I remember best is the dad who collected all the Christmas letters over the years, bound them and gave them as gifts to his kids to help them remember/relive each Christmas and the preceding year. I thought that was most clever.