Monday, January 20, 2014

Tika & Maps & History

Tika does watch TV. She prefers dog shows (wolves, coyotes, dogs) or cat shows (cougars, cheetahs, cats) but most anything that moves catches her attention. A friend sent me this link and while I held Tika on my lap and we watched this moving-map-video, the was, alas!, not very interested. But I surely was! So I thought to share this link-website-opportunity to learn with you. Enjoy! And share with us what new tidbits of history and/or geography that you learned, please? 

Moving Map Of The Country ( UNIQUE HISTORY LESSON! )

Probably the best capsule of the history of our country ever put together, free! (:) It's fascinating to watch the evolution of growth from the 13 colonies up to the present day -- with dates, wars, purchases, etc. all included. As much as you may know about American history, I guarantee you'll learn something from this short video clip. Best history lesson you'll have in a long time. 

Click on the link below; when it opens, do not click GO at the bottom, but rather click on PLAY at the top. 

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