Friday, October 8, 2010

Chocolate and Me

Nice Lady often shares licks of her chocolate ice cream with me. Never much, only licks. She tells me that chocolate contains a chemical toxic to dogs in sufficient quantities. Whatever that means! Based on the kind of chocolate, and the dog's weight, milk chocolate can cause diarrhea. But for me, a 10-pound dogger, I would have to eat 10 ounces.......... way more than a few licks.

Did you know that any ancestor alive in 1900 might have tasted Hersey's Milk Chocolate? That's when Mr. H. started making bars in his Pennsylvania factory. Hersey's Kisses debuted in 1907. Wonder if Nice Lady's forebears were chocoholics like she is???

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  1. My great uncle John Hansen built a tall water tank for the Hershey Chocolate factory. Although he was mainly a farmer he worked in construction where ever a job called for high above the ground work, and so the tall water tank at the Hershey factory was one such job. John had been in the Danish Merchant marine as a teenager, climbing the mast to unfurl the sails while the ship rocked back and forth in the waves so high work on solid ground was easy for him.