Monday, October 25, 2010


It was a rainy, blustery day here today and I did not like it one little bit...... I did not even want to go outside, but Nice Lady insisted. She was working at her computer (like mostly always) and changed all her passwords to new ones using the system that Thomas MacEntee taught her at the recent seminar here in town where he was the presenter. This is such a cool system (she says). You use the first 3 letters of the website (let's say, so it would be Ama... with the first letter a capital and the other two small letters). Then you use your key word, something special and "remember-able" to you (let's say Coke....... again with a large first letter and smaller next ones). Then you end it with some numbers or characters. You use this formula for every single password........... but it's not the same password for it's different for every site. For instance, using this formula and this pretend key word, a password for would be AmaCoke** or AmaCoke34. Get the idea?? This way you never forget a password and you never have the same one and you never have a misplaced list. Nice Lady was telling me all about it and I really did not care........ it was dinner time after all. I have no trouble with my passwords!


  1. A great description of my password method. One thing to add: some sites require a special character. So I always end the password with # or * or !. And if a site doesn't allow special characters I drop it.

    When I log in, if the password with the special character doesn't work, then I try again without it. And 99% of the time it works!

  2. Thank you, Most Kind Gene Guru, for the addendum. I, Tika, will make sure that Nice Lady gets the message!

  3. Hope you enjoyed your dinner Tika and thanks for sharing - I love that idea!