Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Crazy town names.

Nice Lady was laughing while at her computer the other day. I think she was looking at some crazy U.S. town names that folks had shared with her: Mold, Washington....... out in the middle of the bone-dry wheat country where mold would never happen! Beach, North Dakota...... wheatfields again and no ocean for thousands of miles. Chicken, Alaska........... Nice Lady has been there and was told by the locals that they wanted to name it Ptarmigan but did not know how to spell that. Her birth state of Michigan has both a town named Hell and one named Paradise. And would you want to be from Idiotville, South Carolina? Or Weed, California or New Mexico? (For to see images of these places, Google them.) Why our own Washington state has Moclips, Puyallup and Tukwilla. Town names are surely tongue-twisting and funny. Were you born in a funny-named place?

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