Thursday, October 21, 2010

Legacy Webinar was fantastic, but..............

I did not get my walk yesterday and I pouted all evening. But Nice Lady did not seem to care; she was at her computer attending something called a webinar and listening to a lady named dearMyrtle tell her all about something called blogging. Well! I could have told Nice Lady all about that..... I'm doing a blog, aren't I?? But Nice Lady seemed happy and interested and was taking notes. What do I know? I'm only a Dachshund Blogger.


  1. Tika,

    Did you raise your Paw to ask a question?

    Glad Nice Lady should have listened to you. But, I'll guess you were sitting, comfy at her feet.

    A Number ! Dachshund Blogger at that.

    Thank you,


  2. Thanks for tuning in!

    As per your question -- When you have a Google Account, you automatically have your own Picasa Web Album. You may freely use those graphics, assuming you own what you've uploaded to your album.

    As you upload graphics directly to your blog, you'll find them in a Picasa folder with the same name as your blog.

    There are copyright-free Google graphics for just about anything -- just Google for one as you wish.

    Anything else is usually covered by copyright, stated or implied.

    I think your blog is coming along just fine.

  3. Tika talking here, Miz Ma'am Myrt. My Nice Lady was so tickled that YOU took the time to give advice and compliment MY blog. She thanks you and I offer you a only-half-chewed rawhide bone as my thank you.