Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Furry burrs.

This is the lane where Nice Lady takes me for a walk (out to the mail or newspaper box) a couple of times a day. Sometimes she lets me run into the weeds and that's so much fun! So much to smell! But when we get back it's not so fun. She insists on COMBING ME. She keeps asking me, "Do you want to sit on our lap on on the rug? Well, combing out the burrs is the key." But I do not like it, sam I am.

Fences. Nice Lady has done some Wikipedia and other searching about the different types of fences her ancestors built and for the different reasons. She says it's a very interesting subject. All I know about fences (and I'm a girl dog remember) is that Nice Lady hooks me to the fence sometimes. And I run into the burry weeds!

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