Friday, January 7, 2011

Tika & Me Be Happy

Today was a good day, Tika says. She got leftover chicken for dinner and she politely listened as I told her about the two good deeds I'd done today (resolution, remember) and moan-and-groan that the GEDCOM of a family file (from Legacy) has a problem.......... now was it a PICNIC problem on my end or hers? (Problem In Chair Not In Computer. Like that one?) Tika says she could care less whereas I gotta figure it out.


  1. What program are you importing the GEDCOM file into? I am always interested in GEDCOM import challenges.

  2. Thought I had correctly created a GEDCOM in Legacy Family Tree. Did not want to send my entire pedigree but just the selected generations. It was on her end that she said she could not open/access it.......... but she would keep trying. Will get back to her as we do want to share. So, thank you Kind Myrt, but think it was her problem.