Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tika Says: Do More Genealogy!

According to my calendar, Handy Man's ancestor Cornelius Berrien was born on 30 January 1735 in Newtown, Queens, New York. He died there in 1810; he married Jane Warner. Their son, Samuel, is John's ancestor.

Big deal. I know Cornelius' birth and death date, birth and death place and who he married. But how much do I know about Cornelius the man.........and his life and times? Nothing!

A quick Google search found "The Berrien Family Genealogical Website." Tika's barks in no uncertain terms told me to get to work and go learn more than just the skeleton facts on this Berrien family. And I really should, don't you think?

Point of this story really is: If you've not worked on a particular line for ages, there is a whole wide world of resources out there just waiting for you to come see. Get to work!

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