Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tombstone: Sad, Sad, Sad

Even Tika would have shed a tear to view this sweet little tombstone. Friend Cecily and I were in the Grandview, Washington, Cemetery (where her grandparents rest) and as I wandered around, camera in hand, I spotted this little stone. To be fair, there was a Darling family in the area, but to me this was "our darling baby" lost sometime in ages past. So sad, so sad.

Question: In a cemetery is it okay, right or proper to let your dog run free?? Opinion???


  1. Not my dogs. But I'm sure Tika would be a lady at all times.

  2. Depends on the dog, the cemetery, and the situation. If there are other people there who might object: no; if the dog is unruly: no; if the cemetery is more formal: no. Common sense.