Monday, January 3, 2011

Tika Says Happy New Year

With temperatures hovering near zero (or below) our beautiful snow has been very dry and fluffy......... but Tika and her friends tried to make a snow-dog anyway. Look closely..... ever see a dachshund snow-man-dog before?

Being January 3rd (already!) it's high time for making
genealogy resolutions (so Tika tells me). I've already begun
on #1 (cleaning up, cleaning out, my office!!) but here are

#2 - Taking time every day to do something. (Thanks to
friend Cecily for this one.)

#3 - Taking time every day to learn/enjoy/participate in
blogging. (Thanks to friend Thomas MacEntee for this one.)

#4 - Get the papers/information in the To-Do tub done and entered into my Legacy program. (Thanks to my Mom for this one
as she taught me to be neat and finish projects.)

Care to share your genealogy goals or resolutions for 2011???

1 comment:

  1. I love the snowman Tika! So nice. Last year I made a resolution not to do resolutions so I'm sticking with that! 100% success.