Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tika & Heart Rocks

My daughter and I have looked for heart shaped rocks on any beach we're on. Whether it's coral rock hearts on Hawaii beaches or slate rock hearts on Maine beaches we're always looking for obvious heart shaped rocks. And they have to be good ones....... no maybees, wannabees, leave-er-rites, or perhaps-ites. 

So it is with our genealogy. When we go researching to find the ancestor at the dead end beach, we must be careful to pick up only those ancestors who truly are of our family..... no maybees, wannabees or we'll just make the pieces fit-ites. 

Sounds pretty simple but having just spent hours sifting, sorting and paging through eight books on early Temple families in New England, it was so tempting to just make something fit (and there were plenty of likely candidates). But they were just not heart-shaped-rock ancestors. 

Tika says "Whaaaatt?" Rocky beaches are for running on, period. 

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