Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tika & Icelandic Cousins

Tika can read the newspaper you realize. She sits by me in our chair and gazes intently at whatever I'm reading......... and watches out the window for elephants to bark at. I was explaining to her this recent bit I was reading:

"Iceland is a country of 320,000 folks where most everyone is distantly related and inadvertently kissing a cousin is a real risk," stated the article. "A new smartphone app is on hand to help Icelanders avoid accidental incest. The applets users "bump" phones, and it emits a warning alarm if they are closely related."

This is possible because of the Islendiga-App,  "App of Icelanders," an app created by the University of Iceland engineering students. This is an online database of Icelanders and their family trees stretching back 1200 years to the group of 9th century Vikings who were the first settlers.

Tika and I think this is way cool; modern technology to the rescue. Tika reminds me that she is from Idaho and wonders if there is an Idahoan Dachshund database??

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