Monday, April 8, 2013

Tika & Mayflower Ancestry

Tika's missing me but I am in Plymouth, Massachusetts, trying to see and feel the life and times of my ancestors who came from England for religious freedom and a new life. William Bradford and seven others of the group are my direct ancestors.

A first stop is to see THE rock which sits on the beach in a Greek style "display case." From my studies I know that while folks here might swear that this is THE rock, nobody knows for sure. But who cares? Standing at the rail, gazing down onto this relatively little engraved beach boulder, I cared not for "the truth" about this rock but enjoyed the feeling of gazing at history.

Being and seeing here proves again to me that there is so much more to learn about every single ancestor than I have spent time learning. My good governor is well documented and all I have to do is dig out all those references. But many of my ancestors (and yours) lived quiet lives with never leaving much of a mark except paying their taxes, having their marriages solemnized and babies baptized in churches, being enumerated on censuses, enlisting for military service......... and my point is that even our small, quiet ancestors left a paper trail and it only takes our diligence to find the stories.

Tika will happily snooze at my feet while I computer research, looking for these stories. Bet your dogger (or your kittypuss) will do the same for you.

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