Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tika & Puzzles

I spotted this "Tika" puzzle in a Made in New Hampshire shop; isn't it darling? But I have a real life Tika so I did not buy it. But thinking about it and puzzling on my genealogy, I thought of something......

Aren't we all puzzle pieces from the past generations?  And isn't doing genealogy and searching for our family's history putting together a 1000 piece puzzle (that does not have a neatly defined border)???

If we put the puzzle together correctly, the pieces will all fit. Referring to an earlier post about heart rocks, you cannot (or should not!) just make the pieces fit. Several dozen pieces were in this "Tika" puzzle; I'm looking for the thousand dozen pieces of my family history. 

Tika is always a big help; she gives doggie kisses whenever I score a find...... and even when I don't. 

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