Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tika & the Trees

Maine forest are beautiful, no question. I'm here in April which means spring has not yet arrived and the hardwood trees are leafless (thank you Google Images for this pix) so I'm not seeing a lovely green forest but a lovely leafless tree-trunk forest. That's good and bad. Yes, I miss the leaves and flowers but without the leaves we can see into the distance, near and far, to see more of Maine. We're seeing more of the old very distinguishable New England style of homes. Does that make sense?

Sometimes we focus too much on name gathering in our genealogy. I know I did that with my Potter line twenty years ago. I collected all sorts of lifeless and leafless trees in the hopes that one would leaf out and be "my" Potter line. Yes, sometimes it can and maybe does happen that way. But a far better way of doing family history is to concentrate on the surnames growing in one area, one town, one county. Had I done that twenty years ago I'll bet I'd have made surer and faster progress with my genealogy. Live and learn.

Tika says: "Trees are for running in, rooting around and chasing critters in." Figures.

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