Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tika & Mustards?

No, not growing mustard, nor French's mustard, but the Mustard family!  I have a Catherine Mustard who married my William Potter in about 1730 in York Co, Maine (then Massachusetts) and I've never been able to find a durn thing about her family. UNTIL! My friend Maureen and I were talking about Google Books so  last evening I went looking around on Google Books. And I found a book (the first one I ever found) on the Mustard family!

It was published in Canada in 1980 and according to WorldCat there are copies in our Library of Congress and three Toronto libraries. Wonderful. Now how do I get my eyeballs upon said book? Do Canadian libraries inter-library loan to the U.S.? 

But the point of this wonderful story is that I thought I had looked everywhere, and at everything, and into every resource, and obviously I had not. A book I need to look at was published 33 years ago and I never knew....... because I had not checked everything, everywhere and at every resource. Are you in this same situation with a dead-end problem?

Tika says, "Don't you ever smear that yellow stuff on my nose again!! Yuk!!"

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